Introducing Pablo

Little Pablo was 20 days old when I first met him in his parent’s apartment in Lausanne. Four shoots and four locations later I am so happy to be able to share a few images from his newborn shoot with you.

Pablo was a little older than I would normally advise for a newborn photo shoot. After the first couple of weeks baby’s are more attached to their parents and can be difficult to settle. Pablo made us work for our pictures and it was a juggling match for mum and me! In the end some of my favourite images are of his parents soothing and comforting him, they represent this moment in time so much clearer than a posed portrait. We managed a few of those too but there was definitely an element of fast shooting required!

Your online privacy

Your privacy is very important to me and I always give my clients the option to choose not to have their images online. Once you have your images, I always ask again because without the ability to share online it is hard to show potential clients what I do. I was delighted when Pablo’s parents accepted my selection of images from his photo shoots and am thankful to all the families who let me share their images with you.